5 Appliances You Need to Have in Your Kitchen

Aha! Anything that is used in the kitchen to reduce the load of work from the chef and simplifies completes the work with perfection is referred as a kitchen appliance.

Let’s discuss The best five kitchen appliances that immensely simplified cooking and was a boon for the Indian mothers and chefs, Those tools without which our contemporary kitchen would have looked entirely different.

Must have kitchen appliances

A Food Processor

The most qualified employee of your kitchen ‘the food processor’. Chopping, shredding, granting that were a part of a daily nuisance in the kitchen that wasted time and energy to cook has now been immensely simplified with the introduction of food processors in the kitchen.

Indian mothers who passed their time while watching their favourite daily soaps and weeping ‘not because of the death of Meher is “Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” the most popular daily soap’ but because of the onion, they have to chop.

Then if you come home, and there is scorching sun outside, and you want to drink something to rehydrate yourself!

Milkshake a good option but how do you make it as soon as possible without giving in more hard work? Then the food processor comes into rescue.

A Ravishing Refrigerator

‘As cool as ice’ the place where ice is made. The refrigerator has been a critical invention to keep both cooked and uncooked that is raw food fresh for consumption.

The refrigerator maintains a very low temperature which does not allow germs to breed on the food once they are stored in the fridge. They are kept fresh and fit for consumption in future.

The Mighty Microwave

‘As hot as fire’ the place which is as hot as fire but without the fire that is with the help of electromagnetic waves a microwave produces heat that can contribute to warm or cook the food as per the requirement.

Nowadays baking is also possible with the aid of a microwave. An important invention that simplifies work and keeps the freshness and nutrients of the food intact.

A Dashing Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a necessity for all kitchens. If you eat food, you will have to fulfil certain side effects :P.

The vessels you cook food in the crockery you eat food in cannot be left unwashed or else it will stick and spoil the whole kitchen aroma. Dishwasher’s introduction has solved the problem of washing utensils with hands. Apart from the dashing dishwasher, you need to have a fantastic faucet too. Read reviews of the best kitchen faucets at KitchenGuyd.com.

An Incredible Induction Cooktops

With gas prices soaring heights there has to be a way for cost cutting and saving some money. Inductions cook tops introduction to using for cooking in the kitchen have brought in an alternative for cooking food with electricity rather than with gas.

This has a dual benefit: firstly no more need to waste natural resources which are already scarce.

Secondly, less pollution as there is no more burning of fossil fuels which mean no more carbon-di-oxide emissions in the atmosphere. Induction cooktops, on the other hand, are safer to handle than to cook food with the help of gas stoves.

Keeping gas cylinders in the kitchen is like keeping a bomb planted with just a button to be pressed for the blast.

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