8 BBQ Championships You Probably Didn’t Know About

BBQ makes everyone Hungry but competition and festivals are not everyone’s cup of tea….This article gives details of some of the well known championships held worldwide and how they deal with a number of participants. Btw, if you’re planning to compete then do checkout bestpelletsmoker.com, before you get your first commercial smoker.

1. Shawn McHugh
Colorado State BBQ Championship

Area; Craig, Colo

The small town championship. It is not a very formal event and the main aim is to have Fun. Though it’s one of the most important even held in a town park of historic Craig. It showcases a variety of foods clubbed with eccentric activities. Along with it, a hot air balloon festival is also hosted.

2. Iowa State BBQ Championship

Area; Marshalltown, Iowa.

This event has been celebrated at least 14 times. This show represents the love for meat lowans have in their heart. Completion sampling is strictly prohibited whereas it does host contests that are open to public.

3. Atlanta BBQ Festival

Area; :Atlanta, Ga.

Though its originating roots are quite young but its gaining good amount of popularity that can be easily evaluated with the actual footfall of over 15,000 spectators who happily emerged from nook and corners to be a witness for this not so old festival.

Atlanta is famous for its BBQ restaurants and the market also garners hefty amount of attention because of a variety of grilling and smoking accessories offered there.

The Live music, whole hog contest, all this is thoroughly loved and attracts a lot of eyeballs.
4. Safeway National Capital BBQ Battle

Area; Washington, D.C.

It’s a very lively contest held at the historic Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s more of carnival stuff. Its salient features like sampling pavilion, row of BBQ restaurants, cooking demonstrations, live and flashy bands, a BBQ market dealing in a variety of things, and pork exhibitions,etc.
5. Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue

Area; Lynchburg, Tn.

This prestigious competition is supposed to be attended by the respective winners of every State Championship. Only the best of the best battle here along with some special invitees. Itís purposefully done in the hometown of Jack Daniels. Prize hampers are truly very interesting as they gift BBQ sauce and desserts – made exclusively with Jack Daniels.

6. New England Championship of Barbecue

Area; Windsor, Vt.

It’s one of a kind as it’s the largest of all in New England. It has commercial principle as all the competitors can sell their products directly to the visiting public. A lot of sample BBQ stuff is also up for grabs.

7.Samís Club National BBQ Tour

Area; Albuquerque,

Samís Club finances and holds an annual 25-event circuit for entire U.S.

8.Hudson Valley Ribfest

Area; New Paltz, N.Y.

It’s equally popular and equally wider and of course very large. Its a matter of pride for Ulster County Fairgrounds to hold this as their largest fest.

Activities are different on different days for instance Saturdays have pizzas, wings, apple deserts in stock.

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