How To Start A Technology Blog

Technology blogs are where you will write about latest technologies, what you feel about them, what they are, when they will be available, what would be the cost and how they would benefit the end user. The basic goal is to explain technical concepts to fashion designers. It is not the hardest job in the world, but will require an effective communication strategy at your end.So how do you get cracking?


I am assuming that you already know about how to create a blog. Making a blog is really simple; you can go to sites like, and start a blog for free.

Ok, so there are several micro segments in the technology niche that you can target, they are:-

  • news and views
  • reviews
  • technical specifications
  • user ratings
  • top 5

I will now explain each of these models briefly.

News and Views

In this type of blogging you will be writing about the latest happenings and comment about them. Generally, these posts will be short, under 300 words and will contain images, videos etc. You will have to subscribe to tons of tech PR agencies and publish press releases. This type of blogging will get you a lot of backlinks and success if you are able to become the first person to break news in the world, which is difficult, but not impossible!


This is one of the most profitable technology niches because you get to test and keep a lot of free stuff from technology companies, if of course your blog develops a regular readership. So in this type of blogging, you will write reviews of products, software and more. This will require you to test out products and write effective reviews. Getting started with reviewing requires investment because companies will not provide you with stuff unless your blog becomes popular.

Technical specifications

This is relatively simple type of blogging where you will go through technical data sheets of products of major companies and write about it in a simple easy to read manner. The major source of earning can come to affiliate marketing and direct sponsorships.

User ratings

This type of blogging will require you to do some data analysis. You will have to search the internet for reviews of products, then take that data and plot it on a graph to identify what is the general opinion of people regarding the product. You can them publish your research in the form of the blog post. You will get traffic because you are saving people time that they would spend on researching.

Top 5

You won’t have to do much in this type of blogging. Just go through the specs, looks etc. of several products in the same segment and write about them in the form of blog posts. For example, when I was looking to buy a new eBook reader, I wrote a blog post – Top 5 eBook readers.



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