The Ultimate Guide to Baby Shower Gifts

When a couple breaks the news of their pregnancy to their families, it gives them a reason to cheer. They after that eagerly wait for the time when they finally get to the see the little bundle of joy. Being pregnant is not just exciting for the mother; it is also an exciting time for family and friends of both mom and dad.

To show the mother that they are eagerly waiting the new born friends and family throw her a glorious baby shower. This is the time when whole club gets together to share a joyful moment before the arrival of the baby.


Preparing for the baby can get expensive because there are a lot of things to be bought, and most of the baby care products don’t come cheap. If you have a close one who is expecting a baby, you can gift her something that she’d actually use when the baby arrived.

There are a lot of things, but we have found out 10 great baby items that you can gift at baby showers in 2016.

  1. Infact Optics DXR-8 Baby monitor – During the first few months of childbirth, parents are very anxious about the baby. To avoid the separation, some mothers choose to co-sleep with their babies. If you want to the couple to have good sleep after the baby is born, gift them this baby monitor.
  2. Dr. Brown’s natural flow bottle set – Feeding a baby with regular bottles can cause painful and fluid in the air. To avoid that, a baby should be fed with these bottles that offer natural flow. The package comes with 5 bottles and bottle brushes.
  3. Silver plated birth certificate holder – This is another item that you can gift in baby showers. It is a very useful item that will hold the certifate of birth of the new born baby.
  4. Graco 4-in-1 seating system – Instead of buying separate seating items, it is recommended to buy an all in one unit. This seating system from Graco keep the baby and safe and comfortable for long duration and hence is a great gift.
  5. A Natural Crib Mattress : Crib mattrresses are highly underrated and I believe that gifting a high quality gift mattress is the best you can do for the baby.
  6. First years baby healthcare kit – This kit has all the equipment that a mother will need to take good care of her baby’s health and grooming.
  7. VTech learning walker – There is no great joy for a parent to see their child walk for the first. By gifting this walker, you will be loved by the parents.
  8. Pampers Swaddlers diapers – If you are tight on money, you can gift these diapers. They are best in the market. Though I don’t recommend gifting these alone, add some other things and make a package.
  9. C&H Swing – Kids enjoy spending time in this comfortable and awesome looking swing.
  10. Johnsons’ Bathtime essentials – Cleaning a baby is a tough task because the products that we use may be harsh on baby’s skin. Gift them this kit and help them clean their baby properly.
  11. Graco FastAction travel system – This is the best gift that you can give at a baby shower because it will help parents commute their new born better.

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